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Argentina Wingshooting
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Argentina WingshootingArgentina Wingshooting
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Argentina Wingshooting

Argentina is a land were the wildest dreams of duck and dove hunters come true! This stable and modern South American country is home to literally millions of ducks and tens of millions of doves. Most locals do not hunt so the duck and dove hunting is unbelievable! The flight of doves is steady all day long and it is possible to take over 1000 birds in one single day. The birds have become a serious agricultural pest and despite the hunting pressure their numbers are on the rise! Nothing seems to be able to stop them. The average outdoors person simply can not imagine the volume of shooting that can be done unless you actually come down and hunt with us. There is nothing else in the world to compare it to. Bring your friends and family and prepare for some serious shooting!
EAIOutdoors.com Wingshooting
EAIoutdoors.com Wingshooting

Argentina Doves


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