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South Afrcia From Bill A:
The trip to South Africa was awesome. Thanks so much for helping to get me there. I have attached some photos and a copy of the email that I sent to James. It was truly a dream come true for me. The whole event was fantastic. It was very, very challenging for me with the handgun... but that made it all the better for me. It really tested my skills.

South Afrcia I was fortunate enough to make some great shots after some long and difficult stalks. All of the travel and gun processing went smoothly. The only issue I have is that my trophies are so nice that I blew my taxidermy budget! Ha Ha. I met about 8 other guys at the camp (all first timers) that you also booked to go. As far as I could tell everyone had a great time.

I ended up using my 8th, extra day, to hunt and killed a monster Warthog. I am glad I had the extra day as the pig is a great trophy.

South Afrcia Thanks again.


[go to our Photo page to see more pics from Bill A's hunt!]

Diane M. says:
We are back! And what an adventure we had!! We all loved every minute we were there. Vaughn got all his animals and they were very impressive. And, surprise to ourselves, Ashley and I both got one also. First time animal for the both of us!

Jan H reports:
We've been back since Tues, Aug 12. We had a fantastic trip; the hunt was great. I got gemsbok, impala, springbok, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian shot kudu, wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian is psyched and ready to go again. Our PH is a great hunting machine! The entire trip minus the flight over and back was A++++++. If you ever need references, have them contact me.

Thanks again for making all of this possible.

South Afrcia Chris reports:
I had the best time ever hunting South Africa. Allen is a fantastic PH, I really enjoyed hunting with him. Allen put me on some fine trophys. Every thing was just as you said it would be. I was treated execptionally well by every one. I love Africa and can't wait to go back. We hunted hard every day and Allen made sure I took all the game I was after and then some. South Afrcia I can't say enough about what fantastic PH and host Allen was. When I tell my hunting stories to customers, they want to know who I hunted with. I am highly recomending you. You should sent me cards and hand outs that you take to shows. I will be glad to send my customers to you. I just had the best time. I took around 2500 photos.

South Afrcia Thanks Ed, the hunt was outstanding. Here are some photos, I will be happy to send more if you like.

Thanks again.


For the ladies perspective:
Hi Ed,

Well our long-awaited trip to South Africa has come to an end and it's back to reality. We want to thank you "again" for everything you did for us from the very beginning. Without your interaction, I don't think the trip would have turned out as well as it did from the transportation to the accommodations, to the overall trip itself. You made it so easy and it is very much appreciated.

Our trip to South Africa was everything and more than what we had hoped for. I truly had the best time of my life; I didn't even want to come home (other than missing my family)! I have never experienced anything quite like it, and definitely plan on going back. James and his family were the greatest, even though the time spent with them was minimal, I felt a true connection. The "client" is the business, but they certainly aren't treated as such. As a client, you end up feeling more like part of their family. The PH we had was the best!!! His name was Dave (never did find out his last name) and, let me tell you, he is one Hell of a PH and individual. His patience, persistence, determination and overall personality was tremendous! He made everything worthwhile! In fact, when we make arrangements for our next trip to South Africa, it will be with a request for him to be our PH.

My brother shot all his animals and decided to also take a female Wildebeest. His toughest challenge though was the Kudu and he truly believed he had a "Kudu Curse". It took four long days of stalking (seeing plenty of females), etc., until he shot a beautiful bull. In fact, the awe of everything made me also want to take an animal and so I did that very thing. I had never shot a rifle nor hunted an animal before. I have nothing against hunting because I was born into a family of hunters and married a hunter and now my son also hunts. It's just that I thought I could never kill an animal. Well my way of thinking was changed once I was in South Africa. Just being there and experiencing the whole hunting scenario pulled me right in. I felt as though I also wanted to personally experience the hunt and so it began. Dave took me to the rifle range and I shot a 300 magnum four times at 100 yards. The first shot was to the left of the paper, the second shot I nipped the left edge of the paper, and the third was a little further in on the paper, but all in the same vicinity (to the left). Then Dave shot to see if the gun was shooting to the left and such was the case. So after Dave readjusted the scope, I shot the fourth time and was on the middle crease of the paper about two inches in from the left side and so the hunt was on. Dave felt as though the best animal for me to shoot due to my lack of experience would be a Blesbuck. The stalk was on and I am proud to say I shot and killed my very first animal at approximately 120 yards with a 300 magnum, one shot, a few steps, and down. I thought if I ever killed an animal I would cry with guilt. I did cry, but it was due to pride and happiness. Charlie was so proud of me that he came running down the hill and hugged me and we almost fell to the ground. So the next trip will be a Zebra for me, a lioness for my brother, and a few others for Sabo.

Well, Ed, I(we) want to thank you again for everything and you will be hearing from us in the very near future about making arrangements for our deep-sea fishing trip to Costa Rica next year and then after that our next trip to South Africa.

Talk to you later!


Karl and Christine S. report:Click to enlarge
Let me start off by saying what an adventure my wife Chris and I had! We had a wonderful time and have nothing bad to say about anything pertaining to your outfit to include the accommodations that you provided as well as the preplanning that Click to enlarge was taken care of by Ed and EAI Outdoors. Everything was handled professionally and with a personal touch by all your staff. Ed handled everything for us in the US and we had no worries at all. He kept us informed on everything and even walked us through the process on what to expect at every stop along the way from the time we left Columbus Ohio until we arrived back in Columbus Ohio. My hats off to Ed and EAI Outdoors - great job.

Click to enlarge Your safari staff went above and beyond in everything from the great food we ate to the housekeeping including the laundry service. We never expected to have this great of service from a hunting camp. Great job ladies.

Now, I want to say that you have the greatest PH in Themba, His professionalism as well as his personality far surpassed all our expatiations. When we first met Themba at the airport he was real quite and I really thought we were going to have a problem Click to enlarge with our communication, but we didn't and had a wonderful time once I got him talking and laughing. Themba and I had some great stalks on Kudu and Impalas that I will never forget. I think the highlight of the whole hunting trip was when on the last day(Saturday) Themba and "TEE" got Chris a chance at the Porcupine that she did take with her bow. The smiles and laughing that we all did will stay with us forever. Again I want to stress to you that you have a real man of integrate with Themba. He will be a friend forever.

Again What a trip and what a outstanding Outfitting/Safaris Co. you have.



Brian W reports:
South AfrciaEd, the hunt was absolutely phenominal. I have been on numerous guided hunts in the states but this was by far the best. James has a great operation and great people. I will definitely be returning in a few years. I would be going back sooner, but I am going all out with my taxidermy and getting several full body mounts done, so I will obviously be spending a few extra bucks.

Believe it or not, with all of the animals I hunted, the springbuck was my favorite. There was something about this little guy that just intrigued me. When I return I will have to shoot the black, white and golden for a grand slam.

Ed, please feel free to use me as a reference for the Africa hunt. And just some info for you if you use me as a reference - I hunted kudu, impala, blesbuck, springbuck, bushbuck, blue wildebeest, zebra, warthog, bushpig and duiker, hunting on 9 different farms.

Thanks for a great hunt.

Ducarmel A. reports:Click to enlarge
Ed & Pat,

Click to enlarge I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the warm hospitality and the services. Thank you one million times especially my PH Gregory Dickson and Tracker Timbale for their hard work. As for Clem and his wife I am speechless, they welcome me with open arms very good people God bless their hearts.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge That was a hunt of a lifetime. I have always wanted to hunt Africa since I was a child watching these animals on television. You guys helped made my dream come true.

I might be transfer from Active Duty Status to Reserve in November I will know for sure next week. If I'm still active I'm looking forward to hunt with you guys again November 2012 me and my wife. If not then we'll go in a year & a half.

Thanks again Ed.

Very Respectfully, Ducarmel A

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