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South Africa Dangerous Game
Cape Buffalo | Tour Code: SA-DG02 | 5 Days, 4 Nights

This hunt is easy to add to any hunt you may have planned for southern Africa!

The buffalo hunting in South Africa has been getting better every year. Herds that were decimated back in the 80's and 90's by cattle borne diseases are now recovering nicely. If you ever dreamed of taking on the "Black Death" now is the time - The days of the monstrous duga boys are back!

EAIOutdoors.com Dangerous Game
EAIoutdoors.com Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game Package 2
South Africa - Cape Buffalo

5 Days/4 Nights, 4 full days hunting

One of the most sought after animals in all of Africa is the mighty Cape Buffalo. Willing to charge at the slightest threat and often traveling with equally nasty companions, hunting a bull Cape is a very dangerous and serious undertaking.

PACKAGE #2 Details and Costs:
Five-day package is 4 full days hunting 1 x 1.
33" $7750.00
33-36" $8500.00
36-38" $9900.00
38-40" $11,750.00
Non-hunters are $200 per day

**Add this hunt to any safari in Southern Africa!
Buffalo in South Africa are sold by age and spread of horn. All bulls will be hard boss. All hunts are spot and stalk (rifle) or a combination of stalking and blinds(bow) - We are bow hunting specialists!
Includes all meals, accommodation, bar, Services of PH and trackers, transfers from Johannesburg and field prep of trophy. Lodge has pool and all the amenities. No hidden charges! This is the complete package with return transfers from Johannesburg.


Trophy: Cost: Trophy: Cost:
Bushbuck Limpopo  $1100.00 Steenbuck $350.00
Bushpig $400.00 Warthog $350.00
Baboon $POA Waterbuck $1200.00
Grey Duiker $350.00 Wildebeest blue $750.00
Livingstone Eland $2650.00 Zebra Burchells $900.00
Giraffe $3000.00 Nyala $1250.00
Impala $375.00 Duiker red $1200.00
Kudu Southern Greater $1850.00 Southern Reedbuck $1000.00
Sable $5000.00 Red Hartebeest $750.00
    Blesbuck $380.00
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