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South Africa Hunting Safaris

South Africa Special - Package 4
7 full days hunting, 6 Animals

Kudu   -   Blue Wildebeest   -   Impala
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Kudu Blue Wildebeest Impala
Warthog   -   Blesbuck   -   Springbuck
Warthog Blesbuck Springbuck
Tour Code: OSA4 Length: 7 full days hunting

Click On Photo To Enlarge Here we have yet another great package in our line up. This package includes 6 of our most popular species. The Magnificent kudu is the most sought after plains game species. Our area along the Great Fish River in the Eastern Cape, has the highest concentration of kudu in Southern Africa. Success rates are over 95%. We hunt the kudu in the rugged mountains and steep ravines that they call home. Hunting the other animals in this package will take you to other habitats and terrain providing a varied and rich over all experience. The package also includes all meals, accommodations, airport transfers, PH (Professional Hunter), trackers, skinners, taxes, field prep of trophies, and even beer, wine & daily laundry. There are no hidden charges, the only extras would be flights, tips, and taxidermy/shipping. All our hunts are strictly fair chase on over 500,000 acres near East London, South Africa. This is not a game farm or pen hunt. Rifles, bows and pistols welcome. Hunt is actually 9 days as the arrival day and departure day are included in the cost but do not count against your hunting time. As with all of our packages all children 18 and under can accompany an adult free and they can share in the animals from the package. Additional animals can always be taken as per the trophy list.

Our full time staff in the US will assist in every aspect of planning your safari. We are able to provide wholesale flights, as well as assist with all other travel arrangements, gun permitting, etc. After the hunt we have our own full service taxidermy shop in house and will either dip, pack & ship to your personal taxidermist or mount your trophies and ship them to your door. No doubt during this entire process you will have many questions, we are available to answer them with the convenience of a toll free call or email at any time. During the whole process you will deal with one person that takes care of every detail. We have been working in African for 20+ years and look forward to being at your side throughout the entire experience!


One hunter - one PH US$4900 pp
Two hunters - two PH US$4650 pp

With us both your deposit and final payment are completely refundable at any time, for any reason, right up until the moment you are to step on the plane. We will not take your money if you cannot come hunt with us!

The above package includes the following:

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  • Accommodation
  • all meals & laundry
  • Local wines, beer, spirits, soft-drinks, cordials & teas/coffees
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • Services of a fully licensed, experienced Professional Hunter
  • Trackers, skinners & camp staff
  • Field preparation for trophys included
  • Transport during your safari in 4-wheel drive vehicle
  • 1 Eastern Cape Kudu, 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Blesbuck, 1 Impala, 1 Warthog, 1 Springbuck
  • Additional animals available on request (additional cost)
The above package does not include the following:
  • International air (We have access to wholesale rates and will be happy to give a quote upon request)
  • Dipping & Packing of Trophies/Taxidermy/shipping
  • Airline/Air Charter costs if necessary
  • Firearm and ammunition rental. ($25.00 PER DAY. Highest quality rifles and optics)
  • Additional travel in Africa
  • The above package excludes any airfare, departure taxes, visa fees, or items of a personal nature.
NOTE ON ALL PACKAGES: There is no refund for any animals not taken while hunting on a package. All animals wounded but not recovered count against animals in package. We will make every effort to recover your trophy. We have some of the best trackers in Africa as well as some of the best tracking dogs you will ever see. Very few get away! Also please note that there is no charge for the day you arrive and the day you depart. For example for example a 7 day hunt is actually 9 days as we pick you up at the airport and return you with everything taken care of in-between. You only pay for the time you are in the field hunting. At all times we treat you like a member of our family.

Click here to access our Frequently Asked Questions for African Hunting page

NEW! For the ladies and non hunters:
We have always believed that Africa should be experienced as a couple or a family. We have designed our lodges and maintain the private reserves that they are located on with your non hunters in mind. At each of our lodges you will find the highest standards of accommodation and cuisine as well as a good mix of wildlife for the overall African experience. On our properties we have just about every species of African animal right out your front door. This includes rhino, herds of buffalo, leopard and many species of planes game. Game viewing is often best right from the swimming pool! We also have blinds and observation areas set aside for those who whish to do photography and bird watching. The restoration efforts on our properties have led to an abundance of flora and fauna. There is always something going on in the bush! With us non hunters are also always welcome out on the hunt. Remember this is your private hunt with private guide and vehicle. Many of the ladies will accompany us in the bush and become part of the team helping spot animals and recording the hunt on video or in pictures. (Through the years we even have had a number of non hunters take their first animal with us!) We also realize that this may not be for everyone. One great advantage we have is that our lodges are not located hours out in the bush completely away from civilization. While our hunting areas are far away from the towns we are not that far away that we can pop in for a visit! Most of the activities listed below are within an hours drive or less from one of our lodges and they make excellent day trips for the non hunters. We can also organize pre and post hunt itineraries for the entire group such as Cape Town or Victoria Falls and Chobe. Contact us for details.


Below we have some of the many additional non hunting activities that we offer from our lodges. At many hunting lodges the ladies find themselves isolated out in the country with nothing much to do during the hunting days. This is not the case with us! Our hunting area is unique in that we are not located out in the countryside hours away from towns and civilization. We can offer many activities from classic photo safari to golf and even skydiving! All of this and more can be found a short drive from our lodges. We have always believed that Africa is to be experienced as a family. This is one hunt were the non-hunters have more fun then the hunters! While you are off stalking game your non-hunters will be on the holiday of a lifetime. Below is a short list of possible options. If you have other interests then please let us know and we will design a program just for you! Click on the options below for more details

Mark C writes to his PH Greg:
South AfrciaIt has been very busy around here the last month trying to catch up from being gone but I have to say that it was worth every bit of extra work I am having to do now. I thought I had done my homework and pretty much knew what to expect in this hunt, but I have to admit it was so much more than that. I do feel that you were responsible for a lot of it though. You seem to be very passionate about hunting and dedicated to getting your clients onto quality animals. I really appreciate all the extra work you did to get me into a position to take some of those types of animals, especially the extra time and effort we put into getting the Nyala. I was very impressed at the number of times you had me hold off on animals saying, ?We can do better than that.? You were always right, and I trusted you and your rifle. That was an awesome shooting gun. The two of you held up your end of the deal, and I pretty much did except for the first evening when I was not paying attention and we came across that nice Kudu. I felt bad about that, and told myself I would not let that happen again.

I am very anxious to get my animals back and get started on mounting them. I will definitely send you pictures of them as I finish them up.

Thanks again for an awesome hunt. I am already thinking of maybe a return trip in 2 to 3 years. If I do end up coming back, I would really like to have you as a guide again.

Take care and I hope we cross paths again someday in the future.


Lodging photos - Click on a photo below to enlarge:

Home Farm:
South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging

Kudu Lodge:
South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging

Tented Camp:
South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging South Africa Lodging

Click here to take a virtual tour of the lodges!

General information:

Click On Photo To Enlarge Hunting Africa is the lifelong dream of many sportsmen. We have designed our packages to bring Africa within reach of everyone. This hunt takes place in the Eastern Cape area of South Africa. This is a region of varied terrain from fertile valleys to steep mountains. It is home to large numbers of game. The Karoo is cattle and sheep country much like the American South West. Many of the farmers allow us to manage game on their property for extra income. Eighty percent of our hunting takes place on the open range with standard cattle and sheep fencing. The other twenty percent is on high fence ranches. Certain species can only be hunted year round in a high fence area, thus we need to use these properties as well.

All of our hunting is strictly fair chase. Our primary method is spot and stalk. We have blinds and tree stands as well and hunt with rifle, bow, pistol and black powder. We have farms designated bow only. We do not hunt from vehicles or in pens! Also we are not tied to one property. Our home farm of 5000 acres serves as a base from which we access over 250,000 acres of prime hunting land leased exclusively by us.

Click On Photo To Enlarge Trophy quality is guaranteed because of our trophy game management policies. Only mature animals are taken and a limited quota is set for each property. This allows a large number of animals on the land and also gives them time to mature into the quality trophies you seek. Our animals are all natural production and not bought at action and stocked. Our exclusive leases with landowners assures that we are the only ones taking the prime specimens off their properties. Seasons are reversed in South Africa from North America. May-August is winter and temperatures can get quite cold. Perfect hunting weather! Nov through March has warm to hot days followed by warm evenings. We usually hunt early and late this time of year with plenty of time to relax during the day.

On our hunts you will be accompanied by a certified professional hunter. This will be either one client and one PH or two clients and one PH depending on how you want it. We NEVER mix groups! Even if there is only one of you, you will have exclusive use of the lodges during your hunt and not be mixed with hunters that you do not know. We have four different lodges at our disposal and often move between them depending on what species you are hunting. As stated above we are not tied to one property like many other operations and can move to were the best specimens of the species you are hunting are located.

Click On Photo To Enlarge Our lodges vary from an authentic bush lodge with thatched roof cabins to a very comfortable former South African farm house with all the modern convinces. Africa is literally out the front door. All meals will be prepared by our staff and include many wild game dishes as well as homemade salads and deserts. You will not go hungry! We include all soft drinks, juices, water and tea and coffee as well as local beer and wines. We pride ourselves on offering not only a great hunt but also a complete experience including great food, good company and many additional features that others charge extra for.

Non-hunters are more than welcome! We encourage our clients to bring their families and offer a non hunting rate that reflects this. If your non hunter does not want to follow you in the field many optional tours can be arranged. We have many opportunities from camera safari to spas and golf. We will be glad to put together an exciting program of day trips from the lodge for the non hunter.

Additional animals can be taken on all of our packages according to the following trophy prices. All additional animals are to be paid for in South Africa in cash or travelers checks. As always all animals wounded but not recovered must be paid for in full.


Baboon $150.00$150.00
Bontebok $2 800.00N/A
Blesbuck $400.00$125.00
Blesbuck, White $700.00$700.00
Bushbuck, Eastern Cape $600.00NA
Bushpig (bait or dogs) $900.00$900.00
Buffalo $10 000 NA$10 000 NA
Duiker, Blue $1,200.00$1 200.00
Duiker, Grey $400.00NA
Fallow Deer $600.00$250.00
Grysbuck, Cape $800.00N/A
Gemsbuck $1,200.00$1,200.00
Hartebeest, Cape $900.00NA
Hippo $8,000.00$8,000.00
Impala $400.00$125.00
Jackal, Black Backed $100.00$100.00
Kudu, Eastern Cape $1,100.00NA
Lynx (Caracal) $900.00$900.00
Nyala $2,200.00NA
Ostrich $600.00NA
Reedbuck, Mountain $400.00NA
Steenbuck $400.00NA
Sable $8,000.00NA
Springbuck, Common $400.00$100.00
Springbuck, White $900.00NA
Springbuck, Golden $2,500.00NA
Springbuck, Black $600.00NA
Warthog $400.00$150.00
Wildebeest, Black $900.00$425.00
Wildebeest, Blue $900.00$425.00
Zebra, Burchells $1,200.00$1,200.00
Eland, Cape $2,500.00$1,500.00
Lechwe $2,500.00NA
Reedbuck, Common $1,200.00NA
Rhebuck, Vaal $1,500.00NA
Waterbuck $2,200.00NA
Day Fee: 1 x 1 US$ 350.00, 2 x 1 US$ 300.00.
Non Hunters US$150.00 per person per day.
Download in pdf form: 2019 Trophy List

    The following are included in your Safari:
  • All accommodation, food and beverages
  • Services of a licensed professional hunter, tracker and ground staff
  • Transport to and from the airport as well as all ground transport for the duration of the Safari
  • Field preparation of trophies and forwarding them to a taxidermist or shipping agent of your choice.
    The following are excluded in your Safari: Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies
  • Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country
  • Gratuities


South Afrcia Chris reports:
I had the best time ever hunting South Africa. Allen is a fantastic PH, I really enjoyed hunting with him. Allen put me on some fine trophys. Every thing was just as you said it would be. I was treated execptionally well by every one. I love Africa South Afrcia and can't wait to go back. We hunted hard every day and Allen made sure I took all the game I was after and then some. I can't say enough about what fantastic PH and host Allen was. When I tell my hunting stories to customers, they want to know who I hunted with. I am highly recomending you. You should sent me cards and hand outs that you take to shows. I will be glad to send my customers to you. I just had the best time. I took around 2500 photos.

South Afrcia Thanks Ed, the hunt was outstanding. Here are some photos, I will be happy to send more if you like.

Thanks again.


Click On Photo To Enlarge

Prices subject to government taxes/levies or prices beyond our control. Prices and programs are subject to change without notice. All prices quoted in US dollars. For booking information, liability waiver, and terms and conditions contact us.

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