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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are often asked by clients before booking a trip. If you need more information feel free to call us at 888-710-9453 or email at:

·         Is this a limited time offer? If so, when does it expire? NO.

·         Is this a management hunt? NO. Packages are for all trophy animals.

·         Do I need a VISA in advance? NO. (US passport holders. All others please call)

·         Is the tax included in the cost of this hunt? YES.

·         What is a VAT fee? This stands for Value Added Tax. It is included in our cost. Many others do not include this. Be careful when you book! Currently it is 14%.)

·         Are the licenses/kill tags included in this hunt? YES.

·         How much is the deposit to book? $500.00/balance due 60 days prior to departure.

·         Can my hunt dates be adjusted after booking? YES/May have to pay fee for changing the flights but not for changing the hunt dates. We can also change the packages.

·         What if I have to cancel? Deposit and final payment are fully refundable for any reason at any time prior to departure.

·         Are there any Conservation fees, Government fees, or Charter fees? None.

·         Will I need any CITES permits? Not for most plains game. If CITES are needed we will arrange.

·         Are there any air charter costs associated with this hunt (South Africa) over and above the round trip airport transfers? NO.

·         If I add additional animals to this hunt is the trophy fee the only extra cost? YES.

·         Is the Trophy fee collected before/after the animal is harvested? After.

·         How are the extra trophy fees paid and when?  Cash in U.S funds or travelers checks. Totaled then paid as final bill at the end of hunt.

·         What are the chances of taking all the animals on my list? Chances are very good. 95% plus.

·         How are the animals hunted? Rifle: Spot and stalk. A lot like western mule deer hunting. Bowhunting is done spot and stalk or from blinds. You will tell us how you want to do it!

·          How much in Traveler’s Checks should I bring? Tip cooks, trackers, etc.  Tip PH and enough   for additional animals.

·         Is there a Departure tax? Included in the air fare. (South African Airways)

·         Is the fuel bill covered for the transportation to the other ranches? YES.

·         Is a Shipping Permit required for swine? YES./Included in cost.

·         Are there any Road Transfer fees? NO.

·         Is there a Trophy Export fee? YES./Included in the taxidermy costs.

·         Firearm rental;  $25.00 per day.

·         What is the current monetary exchange rate? Approximately 6.5Rand to 1 US dollar.

·         Where in South Africa is it located? East London/Grahamstown/Komga on the Indian Ocean side.

·         Which airport do I fly into? East London/Airport code: ELS

·         Could there be an issue regarding bribery at the airports?  Not really an issue if you’re not traveling with firearms. Very slight possibility if you are.

·         How long is the flight time minus layovers? Approximately 18 hours. (Ouch!)

·         How long is the ride from the airport to the lodge? Approximately 1 hour.

·         When is the best time to go? April through October

·         What is the weather like during the winter?  (temperatures, rain, etc.)?  This is July and Aug. 50 - 60 F (day) 30 - 40 F (night).

·         What type of clothing is required? Fall deer hunting camo. We will send a complete list.

·         Do I need rain gear? Possibly light rain jacket.

·         Are towels furnished? YES.

·         Do I rent firearms for 7 or 9 days? Rent only for the days you use them.

·         Can I buy more ammo? How much? Approximate price per box? YES./Approximately $40.00 per box.

·         What is the caliber and sighting system on the firearm? Should be anywhere from a .270 to .300 with generally 3X 9 scopes. All the rental guns are the PH’s personal weapons.

·         Which Springbok is included? (Common, White, Black, or Golden)? Common.

·         Are there any types of snakes/insects I should watch out for?  Not really during the winter.

·         Will I move to a different ranch for different species? YES./Will hunt different properties..

·         How much time is lost in transit if we move between the two lodges?  Approximately 2 hours.

·         Do I need an electrical adapter? NO. U.S. type receptacles at both places./Make sure what you have is 240 volt compatible.

·         Do you rent satellite phones? NO.

·         Can I bring a satellite phone into South Africa? YES.

·         Could you please forward a list of references to include clients that were not that successful that purchased this hunt? YES./Similar hunt on same properties.

·         Can I bring a satellite phone into any of the countries I will be traveling in? Will only be in South Africa.

·         Do I need any immunizations? NO.

·         How are the camps heated in the winter? Electrically and some with electricity and fireplaces.

Regarding taxidermy:

·         Can I observe and possibly have input regarding the prep of my skins (i.e., skinning, salting, etc.)? YES.

·         What is the difference between a “flat skin tan” and a “back skin tan”? “Flat skin tan” is ready for display. “Back skin tan” is the left-over from the cape.

·         Is the “skull on shield” similar to a European mount (skull bleached w/horns on; then mounted to a plaque of sorts)? YES.

·         If I have skins “flat tanned” will I still be able to have a shoulder mount done when it arrives home? NO./different process.

·         On some game I only want the antlers/horns and cape. Will I be charged for a “skull dip and pack”? NO./Only “dip and pack” of hides. Antlers/horns cut off skull and shipped with hides at no extra charge.

·         Is a Shipping Permit required for swine? YES./Included in cost.

·         Who does the paperwork to get the trophies home? Taxidermy facility. This is our taxidermy on our property. We take care of everything. If you have questions during any part of the process all you need do is call Ed in the US on our toll free and he will sort things out for you. 888-710-9453.

·         When do I pay the African taxidermy fees? 30 – 40 days after I return I will be contacted re: balance due; pay by wire transfer; then they get dipped and packed then sent to the shipper. You will then be contacted by the shipper for instructions and payment method as to where to ship trophies. Should receive trophies within 90 days total.

·         Can I get a shipping quote before I leave to come home; if not before? NO. We need final crate size and weight before this can be done.

·         When/how do I pay shipping/broker fees? I will be contacted re: balance. Pay; then ship. These can be paid wire transfer or credit card.


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