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Zambia Dangerous Game
Leopard | Tour Code: ZAM-DG3 | 10 Day Safari

Zambia LeopardZambia Leopard
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Zambia Leopard with Bow

EAIOutdoors.com Dangerous Game
EAIoutdoors.com Dangerous Game
Package 3

10 Full Days Hunting

Bowhunting leopard takes a special breed of PH. Our PH in Zambia is just that sort of man! We have a 10 day private land hunt over bait (includes pre-baiting) with a 95% success rate over the last 5 years. Now that is impressive! If you dream of taking the most elusive trophy in Africa with your bow this is the hunt for you. (Rifles also welcome)

PACKAGE #3 Details and Costs:
10 Day safari
1 x 1 - $28,000.00
Other game add-ons available (see trophy list).

Rifle or bow hunters welcome.

INCLUDES: Full camp - PH - All permits for rifle and trophy - Meet and greet - Dip & pack


Private Land Hunts
Trophy: Cost: Trophy: Cost:
Common Duiker $300 Grysbok $2000
Impala $200 Roan $12000
Common Reedbuck $1500 Livingstone's Eland $4000
Chobe Bushbuck  $1000 Defassa Waterbuck $2500
Lichtenstein Hartebeest $1500 Kafue Lechwe $3500
Kudu $2500 Zebra $1500
Oribi $2000 Bushpig $1000
Puku $1000 Civet $2000
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