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Zambia Dangerous Game
Buffalo | Tour Code: ZAM-DG2 | 7 Day Safari

Zambia Buffalo
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This is a seven-day hunt, all-inclusive in one of the last great wilderness areas of Africa. Come and see what Teddy Roosevelt saw!

EAIOutdoors.com Dangerous Game
EAIoutdoors.com Dangerous Game

Zambia Dangerous Game
Package 2 - Zambia Buffalo

7 Days

Experience true free range hunting with rifle or bow. A full list of planes game is available as well. This is the hunt of a lifetime. As always, our staff in the US will have you completely briefed and prepared for the hunt as well as make all the travel arrangements. We have outstanding sable and roan here as well. Call for a combo quote!

PACKAGE #2 Details and Costs:
7 Day safari
1 x 1 - $20,000.00
Buffalo, Sable and other game add-ons available (see trophy list).

Other species are available. Rifle or bow hunters welcome.


Private Land Hunts
Trophy: Cost: Trophy: Cost:
Common Duiker $300 Grysbok $2000
Impala $200 Roan $12000
Common Reedbuck $1500 Livingstone's Eland $4000
Chobe Bushbuck  $1000 Defassa Waterbuck $2500
Lichtenstein Hartebeest $1500 Kafue Lechwe $3500
Kudu $2500 Zebra $1500
Oribi $2000 Bushpig $1000
Puku $1000 Civet $2000
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