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Zambia Dangerous Game
Elephant | Tour Code: ZAM-DG1 | 10 Day Safari

Zambia Elephat Photo By Camcam99 via Wikimedia CommonsZambia Elephant Photo via pixabay.com
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This is a 10 day all-inclusive package with no hidden charges. Hunt takes place either from our comfortable permeant lodge or from mobile tented camps.

EAIOutdoors.com Dangerous Game
EAIoutdoors.com Dangerous Game

Zambia Dangerous Game
Package 1 - Zambia Elephant

10 Days

True wild Africa! We have a number of different government concessions that we hunt depending on where the herds are located. Best place we know of to take an eley with a bow!!! Our local PH lives in country full time and specializes in bowhunting. If you are up to the challenge he will get you on a good bull. Just that simple. Rifle hunters are also welcome! This hunt can be combined with buffalo, sable and planes game for the ultimate trip!

PACKAGE #1 Details and Costs:
10 day safari
1 x 1 - $45,000.00 with BOW
Buffalo, Sable and other game add-ons available (see trophy list).

This is a classic elephant hunt, all spot and stalk. Other species are available. Rifle hunters welcome.


Private Land Hunts
Trophy: Cost: Trophy: Cost:
Common Duiker $300 Grysbok $2000
Impala $200 Roan $12000
Common Reedbuck $1500 Livingstone's Eland $4000
Chobe Bushbuck  $1000 Defassa Waterbuck $2500
Lichtenstein Hartebeest $1500 Kafue Lechwe $3500
Kudu $2500 Zebra $1500
Oribi $2000 Bushpig $1000
Puku $1000 Civet $2000
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