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Management Stag Special

Argentina Big Game Hunting from -  Argentina Big Game and Red Stag - Argentina Big Game and Red Stag

Tour Code: AR15 | 5 Days Hunting

This is our full 6-day package with 5 days of hunting and a stag up to 240 SCI, generally these are 5x5 6x6 stags. This is a very good introduction to hunting in Argentina, they are totally free range and this package also includes one day of bird hunting.
  • $2890.00
  • BONUS! The stag package now includes 1 day of high volume dove shooting! Experience the best that Argentina has to offer with tremendous free range stag and high volume doves all from the same lodge without having to move around the country.
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Management stag: $1000 Fallow deer: $2,200 - Gold medal / over 213": $ 4,000
Free range stag (no limit on score): $3500 - Gold medal / 90": $6,000 European mouflon: $ 3,000 - Gold medal / over 115": $4,700
 Wild pampa sheep: $1000 Hybrid mouflon: $ 1,950
Texas Dall: $1,200 European wild boar: $850 - Gold medal / over 22": $1,350
Scottish Black Face: $ 1,200 Feral goat: $ 900
Multi-horned / Four horn ram: $ 1,200 Collared Peccary: $ 1,750
Blackbuck: $ 1,750 (no limit on score) White Lipped Peccary: POR
Axis deer: $ 2,400 Capybara: POR
Axis deer (gold medal 133"): $ 4,000 Brown Brocket deer: POR


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